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Why Is Cooking Oil Becoming More And More High-end?
Dec 19, 2017

The upsurge of consumption promotion led the enterprise high-end route, at present in the food field performance is particularly obvious, instant noodles, beverages, liquor, dairy industry and other industry giants have launched high-end products to seize emerging markets.

Reporters noted that the most closely related to consumers of the edible oil industry has quietly embarked on a high-end line, high-end products layer out. In this respect, the external thinking is, the high-end line of edible oil how to go?

This year, as China's edible oil industry leader, Shandong Lu Hua group focused on the introduction of oleic acid content of up to 75% "high oleic acid peanut oil" and "double high oleic acid edible blend oil" to seize the high-end market of edible oil. Shandong Lu Hua Group chairman and President Sun Dongwei of edible oil in the future market has a clear judgment, he said, do enterprises to always stand in the position of consumers to consider the issue, through integrity and quality, into the hearts of consumers.

High-end products must have high quality, which is almost a consensus between the industry and consumers.

Consumer upgrades led, health and high nutrition has become a consumer to buy edible oil an important standard, high-quality edible oil is the enterprise's future development direction. In this drive, the major edible oil enterprises are overweight health.

At present, the new edible oil produced by the manufacturers include: high oleic acid peanut oil, olive oil, camellia oleifera, linseed oil, high monounsaturated fatty acid (oleic acid), linoleic acid, linseed oil, and a variety of vitamins and antioxidant. Among them, the content of oleic acid became the commanding heights of the major brands. In addition, innovation and research and development will provide the driving force for high-end enterprise products.

Previously, in order to realize the peanut oil from the traditional soil pressing method to large-scale, modern production technology innovation and change, Luhua after dozens of years of scientific and technological research and continuous exploration, successfully developed a 5S physical press technology, led the Chinese edible oil two times revolution. In the 2013, Luhua's technology was awarded the National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Since 2013, Shandong Lu Hua Agricultural Science and Technology Promotion Co., Ltd. United Shandong Peanut Research Institute participated in the development of a series of "high oleic acid, high yield, high oil content" suitable for different areas of domestic peanut varieties planted more than 10, for the domestic development of high oleic acid peanut oil laid the foundation.

Admittedly, the consumption upgrade is not wasteful, high-end development is not the more expensive products, improve product quality, and provide quality services for consumers to enable enterprises in the new round of industrial transformation to survive.

"I hate to do gimmicks, slogans, business to consumers of every sincerity, consumers can always feel, do not need quick success." "In the network marketing concept layer out of today, Sun Dongwei still know sober, enterprises to long-term development, we must provide consumers with more convenient, better things for consumers better service."

Luhua experience shows that the consumer upgrades represent the need to provide consumers with better quality products and more thoughtful service, high-end route is not the end point. The future is still a long way off.