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New Hope In Rapeseed Field: High Oleic Acid Rapeseed Selling Expensive
Dec 19, 2017

Reporter came to Jingmen high-tech zone, Duodao District Group Lin Pu Town Qiao Village, several large harvester field shuttle, rape was even the stalk "swallow" in, rapeseed left in the machine "belly", crushed straw from the tail of the car, there are numerous floating scattered in the field. After the harvester, followed by a strapping machine, not crushed rape stalks were "eaten" in, leaving a bundle of straw bales. Qiao Village 4 groups of farmers Yang Daojun driving tractor, intend to harvest after the rapeseed to the processing plant to sell.

"Wait till the price is better?" asked the reporter. "My high oleic acid rapeseed is an order plant, and the purchase price is higher than the market price." I don't have to wait. Yang Daojun said with a smile, last year before planting rapeseed, and Jingmen Oil Co., Ltd. signed orders, seeds by the company, rapeseed purchase price per kilogram than the market price of 0.4 yuan. Planted 13 acres of their own, this year can increase the income of more than 1000 yuan.

Why Yang Daojun rapeseed is expensive to sell

"Jingmen mostly two seasons in a year: one-season rapeseed and one-season rice." The main income depends on rice for the cost of rapeseed. 2015, after the abolition of the Rape Seed temporary stockpiling policy, because the price is depressed, many farmers gave up planting rapeseed. "Jingmen Agricultural Extension Center Director Wu Jihong said.

Chou introduced, by the import of rapeseed oil, soybean oil, palm oil and other oil long-term impact, plus do not have olive oil, sunflower seed oil, camellia oil, such as the relative scarcity of high-end oil, the price of rapeseed oil has been depressed, industry shrinkage, has endangered the safety of edible oil.

Only the development of high oleic acid rapeseed oil can realize the escalation of rapeseed industry. "said Chou,

Since 2015, Jingmen Agricultural Extension Center and the people's Peak oil company in Qiao Village to establish high quality oil rape test demonstration base, the area developed to 1200 acres.

According to the Jingmen Agricultural Extension Center yield data show that April 28, the two varieties of high oleic acid yield theory of 178.2 kg, 215.0 kg, and other varieties of production equivalent. The demonstration base is expected to produce high oleic acid rapeseed 236 tons, oil production of about 85 tons, according to 20,000 yuan/ton calculation, the output value can reach 1.7 million yuan.

Min Feng Oil company chairman Dengming said, as long as the oleic acid content, this year, the minimum purchase price per kg of 5 yuan, if the double low rapeseed acquisition price floating, high oil and sour rapeseed followed the float, each kilogram of the purchase price of 0.4 yuan, to ensure that farmers to increase the income of 80 yuan.

The high nutritive value of oleic acid rapeseed oil has found a development path for Jingmen rapeseed industry, and plans to promote the planting area to more than 100,000 mu. "Wu Jihong said.