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Leiyang First Mixed Enterprise Hunan Shennong Oil And Grease Processing Plant Officially Put Into Production
Dec 19, 2017

December 16 Morning, Leiyang first mixed enterprise Hunan Shennong Oil Eco-Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., oil processing plant officially opened and put into operation. This is Leiyang first by the state-owned enterprises and private enterprises jointly funded the formation of the first hybrid enterprise, but also Leiyang "plant advantage, complement the short board" a successful example.

Hunan Shennong National Oil is by Leiyang traffic Water Conservancy Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and Hunan Shennong Camellia Technology Development Co., Ltd. jointly financed the establishment, registered in October 2016, registered capital of 100 million yuan. Company is a collection of camellia oleifera breeding, planting, processing, scientific research and sales of integrated agricultural industrialization state-controlled enterprises.

Hunan Shennong Oil is a new economic system reform attempt, the company will form the state-owned enterprises to complement each other, common development of a new pattern. Leiyang Party Committee deputy secretary, the Mayor Lixiangyang said, Shen Nong Country Oil and grease processing plant officially put into production for Leiyang is a happy event, is Leiyang the transformation of a practical thing. "The construction of the processing plant can promote Leiyang from the Big County of Camellia Oleifera to Strong county, Leiyang has the confidence, has the determination through the processing plant construction, through the Camellia Oleifera Expo Park Construction Leiyang makes the national real Camellia Oleifera Strong county." I hope that Shen Nong National oil can become Leiyang Camellia industry development of a banner, leading the Leiyang of tea industry again innovative brilliant. ”

At present, the company is the construction of Camellia oleifera planting, tea-Camellia Expo Park, oil processing plants three major projects. 300,000 mu of Camellia Oleifera base has been transferred 126,000 mu of land, has planted 75,600 acres of camellia, plans to add more than 8000 acres of planting area in 2018. Since its inception, vigorously implement the industry to help the poor, led the vast number of household industry to become rich, at present Leiyang and Changning a total of 15 townships, 77 villages, 528 groups to participate in the company's camellia cultivation, the company and 16000 households signed an oil tea plant contract.

Oil processing plant is one of the three major projects, the project is located in Leiyang three offices seven Ridge village, covers an area of 251 acres, is Hengyang key project construction projects, Leiyang 2017, one of the ten key projects.

Hunan Shenlong State Oil President Wanyuan introduced, oil processing plant production is the basis for enterprise development, so that the development of enterprises to a new level. "We only do pure tea oil, is committed to build a good country, Shen Nong, the brand, the former investment plant 140 million yuan production, annual output of 10,000 tons of oil; At present, the annual plan production, sales of 1000 tons, annual income of 300 million yuan, annual tax revenue of more than 15 million yuan. ”

According to Wanyuan introduction, is currently planning the construction of the national (Leiyang) Camellia Expo Park to "Sansheng improvement, three-production integration" for the design concept, through the "afforestation, gardening, landscaping, making rich", to achieve "mountain green, Road, Water", the Expo Park to play a high-performance demonstration of the modern agricultural industrial park.