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Daily Health Information For Fresh Cereals
Dec 19, 2017

The main ingredient of edible oil in the market is fatty acids, and the characteristics of edible oils are usually discussed by the types and contents of fatty acids.

Fatty acids are divided into saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (linoleic acid, α-linolenic acid). Edible oil all contain these three kinds of fatty acids, different is the content is different. For example, olive oil, tea oil, such as high content of oleic acid, and soybean oil, sunflower oil, corn, oil and other linoleic acid content is rich, linseed oil, walnut oils, such as the alpha-linolenic acid content is high. For human health, each type of fatty acid needs to be ingested, but not excessive. For example: Linoleic acid is called "essential fatty acid", because the human body can not synthesize itself, must be ingested by the outside food and grease, linoleic acid deficiency symptoms, including affecting the normal development of children and skin lesions, the price of cheap and affordable oil linoleic acid content is very rich. Another example: Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid, can reduce bad cholesterol also can increase good cholesterol, can provide cardiovascular protection.

In the vegetable oil, the oil, the olive oils acid content is highest, but is known as "the Oriental olive oil" the vegetable oil, especially "the double low rape oil" the oleic acid content up to 60% or so, and some kinds of olive oil is equal, the price is also more pro people, is the ordinary person also

The main factor affecting the price of edible oil is the source of raw materials, the less the source of raw materials, the higher the price.

such as olive oil, flaxseed, and so on, the average market price is relatively high, and the world's largest production of soybeans, made of soy oil prices are cheaper. In addition, the processing mode will also affect the price of edible oil, because the oil yield and the cost of oil production are different. Even higher prices of olive oil, different processing methods such as: cold pressed or refined, the price of the market is also different, cold pressing process in the production, processing, storage and other aspects of the requirements are higher, the requirements of the raw olive fruit is also high;

In addition, artificial marketing can also affect prices. For a period of time, because of the celebrity demonstration effect and the advertising work of the manufacturers, the rise of a certain type of oil in the community, high premiums include people's pursuit of the trend, social identity, high premium does not come entirely from the health attributes of the oil. So some people think that "cheap oil is not so good for health" is a misconception.