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Chinese Enterprises To Help Us Achieve The Asphalt Domestic Dream
Dec 19, 2017

A few days ago, Citic Kazakhstan's Caspian Asphalt joint venture was awarded the 2017 Kazakhstan "outstanding Enterprise (ICKEP)" award, this is the Kazakh government for the management of outstanding production enterprises issued the highest specifications of the award, President Nazarbayev himself to the scene to congratulate. As the only Chinese company to receive the award, the Caspian Asphalt joint venture became another example of Citic Group's investment in Kazakhstan for ten years.

In 2007, Citic Group acquired the Kazakh-KBM Oil AG (hereinafter referred to as "the capital of Kazakhstan") at a total price of $1.91 billion, opening the curtain on investment in Harbin. For more than 10 years, the KBM project has brought great economic and social benefits to Kazakhstan. In 2015, the Kazakh government offered to extend the use of KBM mineral contracts from 2020 years to 2035. Steam Workshop 53-Year-old old director Hassan excitedly said: "I can safely retire here, the workshop of young people can also be in the oil field for decades to do!" ”

After the acquisition of the KBM project, the Kazakh government proposed to use KBM crude oil to produce road asphalt to help it solve the shortage of asphalt, long-term dependence on imports. Citic Group decided to invest in the project, although it was not yet economically profitable. "First to take, more to take less, when necessary to do the relics of righteousness, this is Citic always adhere to the righteousness and benefit." "Citic Group Kazakhstan limited general manager Yang said."

4 years ago in December, Citic and Kazakhstan oil and gas companies jointly invested in the construction of the Sino-Caspian Sea Asphalt joint venture company was completed. At the completion ceremony, President Nazarbayev, through the video link, said: "The asphalt factory was built and put into production Hard-won!" In a meeting with Chinese leaders, I have repeatedly expressed the hope that the Chinese government will help to complete this project, and I am very grateful to Citic Group for helping us to realize our dream of asphalt domestically. ”

In recent years, benefited from the "All the Way" initiative, Kazakhstan Infrastructure construction volume rapid growth, the market demand for asphalt significantly increased, enterprise products in short supply. Yang to reporters that with the "West Europe-west China" International Highway and "Shymkent-Lorda" and other Intercontinental highway construction projects in depth, asphalt factory products will play a greater role.

Taking the "All the Way" initiative, CITIC Construction, Citic Capital, Citic Bank, CITIC Environment, CITIC Agriculture and other subsidiaries have accelerated the pace of entry to the Kazakh market. In addition to the synergy between the internal subsidiaries, Citic Group is also the spirit of "holding a regiment to go to Sea", in collaboration with China Tobacco, Huaneng International, Youngor, Shaanxi Sea and other domestic well-known enterprises to enter Harbin Market, for the other Chinese enterprises in Kazakhstan, solve problems.

Ying, the general representative of Citic Group in Kazakhstan, said proudly in an interview: "Since 2007, the acquisition of KBM Project, CITIC Group has completed in Kazakhstan Petroleum, refining, infrastructure construction, funds, banks, environmental protection, agriculture, medical and other areas of the overall strategic layout, the cumulative creation of nearly million jobs, has made important contributions to the local economic development and social stability. ”

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