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1.7 Billion Yuan Project Signed By The Open Area Of West-west Heilongjiang Province
Dec 19, 2017

Heilongjiang Province state-level west of the economic and Technological Development Zone held a contract signing ceremony, a total of 17 investment billion above the project signed, the total investment of 5.4 billion yuan, the project will be put into production value of 9 billion yuan, tax 650 million yuan.

The signing of the major projects are: Zhejiang Jinlong real Estate Investment Group Co., Ltd. investment 1.059 billion Yuan Mountain tourism development Project, investment 600 million yuan KFC, McDonald series of meat deep-processing projects, the project reached the postpartum, the annual output value of 2.3 billion yuan, tax 200 million yuan Invest 600 million yuan in northeast area science and Technology Park project of Big North Agricultural group, invest 400 million yuan Aurora led with large size high quality sapphire material industrial base supporting project; Heilongjiang Jinlong Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. investment of 400 million yuan of large diameter spiral steel pipe production Project , the Hong Kong Ocean Group Holdings Limited invested 300 million yuan in soybean fatty acid production projects.

This year, bin County to the industrial project as the most important economic work, in order to carry out investment "Hundred Days" activities as the carrier, to take extraordinary measures to seize the favorable opportunity, so that investment in the work of attracting rich results. The successful signing of the project will further expand the industrial scale of the state-level development zone, improve the quality and efficiency of the development zone, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the development zone.