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The main value of tallow
Dec 19, 2017

Medicinal: insecticidal, detoxification, diuretic, laxative. For schistosomiasis, liver cirrhosis ascites, defecation disadvantage, poisonous snake bites, topical treatment of boil sores, corns, mastitis, injury, eczema, dermatitis.

Fishery: 1 kg of dried tallow leaf powder with 20 kg of 2% quicklime water immersion, and boil 10 minutes, ph should be more than 12, the whole pond sprinkle, so that the pool into 6.25ppm concentration, can prevent and cure rotten gill disease, white bald mouth disease.

Industry: Chinese tallow is an important industrial oil tree in the south of China. Seeds, can be obtained "leather oil", for the production of high-grade soap, wax paper, candles, and so on, the oil for the use of paint, ink and so on.

Garden: The crown of Chinese tallow is neat, the leaf shape is beautiful, autumn leaf frost is in full swing, very beautiful, have "Chinese tallow red in maple, garden February" of praise name.

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