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Dec 19, 2017

The tallow is the big family, belongs to the deciduous tree. Tallow is a kind of color leaf tree, spring and Autumn leaf color Hongyan eye-catching, no less than Dan Maple. For China's unique economic tree species, has more than 1400 years of cultivation history.

The adaptability of the tallow to the soil is strong, in the soil such as red soil, yellow soil, yellow-brown earth, purple soil, brown earth and other soil, from sand to sticky soils of different texture, and acidic, neutral or micro-alkaline soil, can grow, is one of the tree species with strong salt resistance. Tallow requires high soil moisture and ability to accumulate short-term water. At the same time have a certain wind resistance and pleated yan to dry early barren. In addition, the tallow has strong resistance to the poisonous hydrogen fluoride gas.

Tallow with root skin, bark, leaf medicine. Gempi and bark Four Seasons can be picked, slices to dry, Yedow, insecticide, detoxification, diuretic, laxative. For schistosomiasis, liver cirrhosis ascites, defecation disadvantage, poisonous snake bites, topical treatment of boil sores, corns, mastitis, injury, eczema, dermatitis.