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Dec 19, 2017

Palm trees are evergreen trees. Up to 7 m tall, dry cylindrical, blade suborbicular, petioles flanked with finely rounded teeth, inflorescences stout, dioecious. Brown Tong is a special economic tree. Its main products brown leather can make Xu Xian, mat, carpet and so on, the leaves can weave caps, fans, baskets, bags, wood can do piles, pig pens and sinks, and so on, the seeds can be crushed to feed livestock, flowers and old brown silk fired "Chen Tan carbon" can be used medicinally.

Palm oil is extracted from palm-oil palm trees, and palm oil is widely used in the world for cooking and food manufacturing. It is used as cooking oil, crisp fat and margarine. Like other edible oils, palm oil is easy to digest, absorb, and promote health. Palm oil is an important ingredient in fats and is a good material for making food. In addition, palm oil can be used to make soaps, vegetable oils, and many other kinds of products.

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